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The "rolling wave" planning in waterfall and agile methodologies, compared.

The "rolling wave" planning approach requires you to plan in a details only the activities that are soon to be delivered and to plan only at high level the activities that are to be worked on at a later stage.



Project management

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About me

My name is Enrico Fantaguzzi and I'm a free lance consultant in the e-commerce and digital marketing sector

My experience begins in 2000 as in the group Tod's as a webmaster and passes for companies of the caliber of Walt Disney, Yoox And Gucci in which I dealt with digital strategies, e-commerce and digital marketing. Find out more about me >>

On this site you will find some articles on the topics of management, e-commerce and project management.

Now I collaborate with various fashion companies and not only to develop the ecommerce strategy and the implementation of activities

Projects and Collaborations


Site creation

On WordPress platform and Amazon AWS.

Digital Fashion Academy

E-learning for fashion

The Cashmere Village

Website development and e-commerce strategy

Il Borgo Cashmere has decided to attack the direct e-commerce market with a specific turnover target for the channel. To achieve this goal we are creating the new website and the e-commerce strategy together.

Coming soon, Spring 2023


E-commerce consulting

The digital transformation in Italian fashion companies also passes through the e-commerce team. Together with the Management of Doucal's we are working on creating an internal digital structure within the company that is capable of achieving the growth objectives of the digital sales channels. Read more >>


Teacher of the communication for e-commerce course

As part of the master in Corporate Public Relations, I keep the module dedicated to communication for e-commerce: a one-day course on communication activities that generate value for e-commerce, from customer service to the product sheet, from online advertising to social media.

Moca Interactive

E-commerce training

For Digital Marketing companies it's important to be able to support their clients with in-dept knowledge of e-commerce activities. For example "how to generate value for e-commerce operations through communication" and what the impact of digital marketing on the overall e-commerce business. Moca Interactive.

Grevepesa oil mill

Creation and management of the e-commerce site

On WordPress, WooCommerce and Amazon AWS platforms.

Frantoio del grevepesa

Sweet Emporium

Website update
Dolce Emporio

Fabio Barbaglini

Creation of the new website by Fabio Barbaglini:

On WordPress. To enhance the logo and the contents, I chose to divide the menu in two.


English Digital Academy

Creation of the E-learning platform

On WordPress, Learndash and Amazon AWS.

English Digital Academy

L’uomo comunque va nella direzione in cui vuole andare.

About Artificial Intelligence
Certificazione Project Management Professional 2012
Project Management Professional 2012 certification

PMP certification

I am a scholar of project management methodologies, especially the cascade ones, I took the certification of Prince2 in 2009 and PMP in 2012.

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