Tennis: the step by step service

sharapova_serveThe serve is the most difficult shot in tennis, but it is of paramount importance in modern tennis. The service is an all mental blow, so I explain below what are the practical and consequential mental steps to perform the service.

From the moment it is time to serve:
1) Take your position for the first serve, make yourself comfortable,
2) Think about where you want to aim,
3) Dribble with the hand that holds the ball making it bounce 20 cm inside the bottom line,
4) Adjust the handle,
5) Grab the ball between thumb, middle and ring finger,
6) Outstretched arm and soft wrist, make your arm go up and release the ball when the hand is just above the eyes,
7) Keep your arm and hand pointed towards the ball,
8) Adjust the position by moving the right foot if necessary,
9) Bend your knees
10) Move your hip slightly inside the court
11) Raise the shoulder holding the racket
12) Unload the arm and forearm forward
13) Work the ball with your wrist to hit it

In the first serve the handle is hammer-like which allows you to give greater speed to the tip of the racquet at the moment of impact.

In slice and top spin the grip is more similar to that of the backhand.

In the slice it is good to throw the ball slightly to the right of the body and into the field, so that if you let it fall it bounces within the field of about 20-30 centimeters from the line.

While in the top spin you will have to throw it so that it rises above your head.


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