CEOs are often curious about digital marketing and they seem to be fascinated by SEO
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SEO Search Engine Optimization – For Dummies, manager and non-digital managers
September 9, 2018 Management Edit

This article is for CEOs, CMOs and CIOs who are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization benefits and techniques, but they need to deal with it anyhow.

This article constitutes a brief handbook for company managers on what to expect and how to manage an SEO project in the company.

In this article you will find the answers to:

Why is SEO important for my company?
How do I know if my product or brand is among the top places on Google?
How to do an SEO check up of your site?
What results should we expect from an SEO Project?
SEO in-house or outsourcing?
SEO which skills should you have in-house and which ones to outsource?
Why is SEO important?
How do I get to the first page of Google?

About 50% of visits on your sites are likely to come from Google or another search engine. Therefore, being in the first places in the search results page (SERP) for the keywords that represent your brand or product is vital.

Some people think that the digital space is different from the physical space (street, shop) because it does not have the problem of limited available space. It’s not true. If you think of via Montenapoleone in Milan where the number of stores and brands that can find space is substantially fixed, the same applies to sites that may be included in the first page of Google search results.

“We all work to be on the first page of Google” and if possible in the first positions of the first page.

How to know if my product or brand is among the first places?

The first thing to do a search, but not a banal search as you would do everyday:  before you search you have to open a “clean window” of a browser and then search on Google for your brand or product. If you don’t open the Incognito window the results you will get will be biased and you may have the impression to be top of the page, while you are not.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 08.01.18

On the search results page the paid results will appear first on top, preceded by a box containing the word “Ad” which stands for a paid advertisement and immediately after the so-called organic search results. It is important to be present in both.

How to do an SEO check up of your site?

There is a free tool from Google that allows you to check your health and monitor the progress of the search engine that is called Google Search Console. To activate it you have to go to and add a property ie your site. It is a very simple configuration that every ecommerce or digital manager must know how to do it. You should ask him/her to do it.

What results should we expect?

The KPIs of the SEO can be:

Growth of organic visits on the site. To be measured through Google Analytics (Free) or similar tool
Improved average position in sarch results for brand keywords (where 1 is the maximum) of brand keywords and produced in Google search results. To be measured through Google Search Console (see link above)
Average Click Through Rate (CTR) of the site to be measured through Google Search Console

In-house SEO or outsourcing?

My suggestion is to have in house the strategic and technical skills to manage the SEO and then make use of external experts that can give added value and provide the necessary labor at the right price.

Also, by making it redundant you don’t create a single point of failure (SPOF), i.e. you ensure continuity of the business.

Which SEO skills and activities need to be done in-house and which ones to outsource?

Comparative table

In House Outsourcing
SEO strategy, definition of objectives, measurments. Definition of SEO strategy together with Agency


Integration of the SEO strategy within the Marketing / Ecommerce strategy

Stay updated on SEO trends

Evaluate the agency’s proposals in relation to company objectives and strategy

Evaluate the time and cost estimates proposed by the agency.

Provide technical support and content where necessary.

Measure and weight the results

Ownership of the Search Console Account and any other tools used

Technical and specialist skills
Best practices.Project management skills (ROI / Effort / Planning).


Definition of the SEO strategy together with the company

Measurement of SEO interventions

Market news / How to implement them


Text optimization in SEO
Content Upload

Robots management
Site Maps management
Canonical implementation, redirects, etc.



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