3 underestimated skills that will help you get ahead in business

1) Pragmatism. The ability to be pragmatic or in other words the ability to find practical solutions in complex situations. Not always a high level approach will solve you problems.
One day my boss told me “I am impressed with your ability to think low level”. I didn’t know wether to take it as a compliment or to be offended, but I think she meant it as a positive skill I showed.

2) Attention to detail. Devil is in the detail or retail is detail. The importance of detail will never be stressed enough. You can write the most interesting and compelling document ever, but if you put a typo in it you risk of compromising the result. It is of paramount importance that every document is proofread, sanity checked and that all details are accurate. This can play an important role in your career development.

3) Do math in your head and quickly. When you are in a meeting and you start talking numbers, being able to make simple counts in your mind could make the difference between looking smart or just average. You can say to yourself as many times as you like that you can take do the calculation on your phone, but if you meet some one who can do that math in her head, she will make you look and feel less smart. Practice it every day, it’s like running or any other activity, practice will make your ability to do math in your head improve quickly.

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