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Indice Project Charter Italiano

The Project Charter

What is the project charter? The project charter is a document that contains in a synthetic way the answers to the fundamental questions of the project: what are the objectives of the project, the high level requirements, the assumptions and the known risks from the beginning. Project charter meaning Project charter means 'guiding document' or project definition document. The project charter of the PIM methodology is comparable to the Project Initiation Document of the Prince 2 methodology Project Charter in Italian The project charter is a document that describes what it consists of ...

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Pianificare efficacemente

5 rules to make plans that work

The best plans of mice and men fail. So stop working on the best plan possible and start working on a plan that will work! Rule number 1) Work on a simple plan rather than a complicated, over detailed and too long-term one. The plans that work should be logical, easy to understand by the people who have to implement them and they should be convenient to track for the project managers. REMEMBER: the project plan should only as detailed as you are prepared to follow…

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tecniche di project management

10 fundamental project management techniques

Project management is a profession and as such involves the use of techniques that must be known and applied. In this article we see 10 techniques to be used in the 5 phases of the project life cycle: At the beginning of the project, in the phase defined as initiating by the SME, where the project must be started, it is essential to understand what the project wants to carry out and who will have to take charge of the project at this stage. Two techniques can be used in this phase *: 1) The creation of the project ...

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