Meeting checklist

Meeting Checklist Planning Attendance Action Yes No Action Yes No Is the goal clearly set? Do I know the place where it will take place? Have all the participants been identified? Have I checked that I am definitely available on the day and time and am I able to reach the place? Does each participant also know the list of the others? Did I read the agenda and understand its objectives? Have the day, place and time been identified? Am I aware of the names of the other players called? They were confirmed on the day, ...

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How to make meetings productive

We often talk about meetings, there are those who speak well of them, who see them as a waste of time. In some companies there are too many in others too few. In the various companies in which I have worked I have really seen all the colors. I've seen hour-long river meetings where no one took notes and no one followed up. If no one takes notes then it is very difficult, if not impossible, to remember with certainty what has been decided. Do you think it is ...

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