Mirakl dropship vs marketplace

E-commerce models: difference between marketplace and dropshipping

It goes without saying that e-commerce has become essential for both brands and retailers in the fashion, pharmaceutical, DIY and other sectors. However, there are different operating models for selling online, the direct site (B2C), the marketplaces, the dropship and the affiliate. The relationship between retailers and brands has changed. Retailers aren't placing wholesale orders like they used to, but are integrating several business models including dropshipping, marketplace, and e-concession. e-concession It's the ...

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Informazioni complete sulla spedizione in check out, creano fiducia e aspetto professionale del sito

The abandoned carts

The web statistics indicating that at least 70% of online orders are not completed, this implies that your e-commerce is constantly losing 70% of potential customers. On mobile, the average cart abandonment rate rises to 85%. How to reduce this loss rate and how to recover abandoned carts? The communication and automation techniques aimed at completing the check out are called "abandoned cart recovery" or cart recovery. Why do people drop out ...

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Digital skills

Today we talk about digital skills. Digital skills have become a vital competitive factor for companies. Digital skills are divided into IT technical skills and managerial skills. IT technical skills IT technical skills range from basic knowledge of HTML to IT security HTML is the acronym for hyper text markup language, together with CSS, XML and Javascript are the most used languages for the creation of websites, knowledge at least the basis of these languages, but ...

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Plan Do Learn L'importanza del learning

Best practice: manage the "learnings" for continuous improvement

Another thing I learned while working in multinational companies is the management of "learnings" or the formalization in written and structured documents of the lessons learned from the management of a project. Please note that a project in this case does not mean a project in terms of the PMI, but also a recurring business process at the end of which it is possible and useful to analyze 'how it went' to understand what went well, what went bad and what to change ...

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The management of project problems in project management: the 'issues'

Although it is inadvisable to use English terms in an Italian speech both in the common language and in the company, there are some terms that would be good to know and use, especially in the context of project management. One of these terms is the "issue" in Italian question. The term issue can be used to represent numerous concepts in Italian: Need Problem Question Question The issue list The issue list is a to-do list or a table that summarizes all the ...

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The P&L of E-commerce step by step

The income statement of e-commerce and how to calculate it step by step.

We all should already know how an income statement, or P&L, works, and also how to set up a channel income statement for e-commerce. However, there are some details and precautions to consider if we want the income statement to correctly reflect reality. Already from the way in which we calculate the sales we can obtain useful information for the management of the e-commerce channel: for example we can calculate the average discount applied on the retail price. Differences between company and company It is important to underline ...

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because agile doesn't work according to McKinsey

The reason agile doesn't work in companies is because the business function isn't adequately represented in project teams. If you remember how an agile team is composed, the agile team is made to be autonomous in decisions and in the execution of project activities, in fact there should always be a business representative who basically decides on the functionalities to be developed and the priority of the developments. Now, although it seems easy to have a business representative within ...

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Platone management caverna

Plato and the science of management

Returning from London at the end of 2009, I found myself catapulted into the fabulous world of Italian youth entrepreneurship, from where I began to take inspiration for the following reflection: it is useless to try to explain things to people who are unable to appreciate their meaning. . Which is to say: if you speak in Italian to a German, who does not know the language, you waste time. You waste time because it is not possible that the person who listens to you can understand something ...

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Il processo di escalation Enrico Fantaguzzi

Management of escalation in the company

Why is the escalation process important in the company? The escalation process is essential in companies to make decisions that are as much as possible in line with business objectives and to allow decisions to be made quickly. The clearer the escalation process in the company, the faster decisions are made. This concept is simple to understand but difficult to apply in organizations that lack a well-defined hierarchical structure. Let's take an example: ...

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The new normal

I'm starting this blog post and I know I'm not going to finish it. This is going to be a live post and I'm going to to add to it piece by piece, little by little. This is because I don't think it's possible to tell what is the new normal is going to be, can you? Anyhow I think it's necessary that we try and learn already the lessons that the pandemic thought us as we would do after…

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