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“Getting Things Done” in 9 points in Italian

"If you haven't written it somewhere it's in your mind." "If something is occupying your mind, your head is not free." Everything unfinished must be captured in a reliable tracking system. You will log into this system regularly and update it. The system David Allen has been talking about for me for years now is the issue list. To be precise, I think it was 2004 when I was working at Tod's that the IT Director taught me this ...

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A book to read if you are looking for work in London… and beyond

Great answers to tough interview questions It may seem strange that a book contains the exact answers to give to job interview questions. I thought so too, until I read this book. I give you three reasons to read this book: 1) This book not only answers the recruiters' questions but explains what recruiters want to hear; 2) Contains a good guide to writing a resume 3) It is in English that is what ...

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Open, by Andre Agassi

I read this book because I am an admirer of the tennis player that Andre Agassi was. But I understood why I admired him and I admire him only after reading this book. It is a book, in my opinion, suitable for all tennis fans and all those who in life have to fight to get what they are looking for. The autobiographical book of Andre Agassi You can buy it on amazon in paperback version by following this link Andre Agassi, Open - my story


This cover is really sexy! How can you not buy it, if you have an interest in economics and in understanding how things really work. From the left: the sumo guy, the drug dealer, the pregnant woman - who could be a teacher at the same time -, the real estate agend (a bit on the background because that's it's his profile), who is this guy on the right ??? Good book, nice reading, easy and it goes…

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