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The 2023 e-commerce technology stack

In 2023 we will hear a lot about headless, composable and jamstack. While jamstack is a rather technical term, composable and headless are two terms that have entered everyday parlance for those working in e-commerce. Massimo Pegoraro experience design studio of Atoms, part of the Retex group. Headless technological approach. It starts from the design of the interface and experience. Until a few years ago – says Massimo – designers planned experiences that developers then found it difficult to create. Why the…

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Marketplaces for fashion brands 2022

The best marketplaces to sell online in 2022

As we know, e-commerce is a fairly mature market in which competition is very high. To sell online you need specific skills and above all you must always stay up to date on the changes taking place in the sector and on news. Being updated on new channels available for sale, such as marketplaces, can make the difference between being a leader or a follower. Being among the first to sell a specific product on a marketplace allows you to enter the channel with a ...

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Google trends Analytics and other google tools

Essential and free Google tools to manage your e-commerce website

In the toolbox of digital marketers and e-commerce managers, these Google tools cannot be missing. Google provides for free a number of tools that have become essential in everyday digital activities. Of course, Google earns from advertising and if you want to advertise on the Google network you have to invest, but before you get there you must first learn Google's free tools. Here are the tools I use most frequently. Google Search Console. It is the free tool that you ...

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E-commerce in the metaverse is headless

If you imagine playing a video game and you want to buy something that is in that videogame. You can't imagine a “product detail page” or a rectangular 2D page with a scroll in a 3D video game, can you? That's where commerce APIs like CommerceLayer come in handy. Why? Because you can attached an "add to cart" button to anything, you don't even need to add the "add to cart" button, you just call the add to cart ...

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31 ways to optimize ecommerce conversion rate

How to optimize the "ecommerce conversion rate"? conversion rate optimization 4 rules for converting Remove distractions Remove all elements of the page that are not functional to the conversion Remove obstacles Remove unnecessary mandatory fields etc. Instill a sense of security Insert information and symbols on payment security Instill a sense of urgency Communicate low product availability or the expiration of promotions Optimizing the ecommerce conversion rate means optimizing the user experience. There are two types of conversions that we can have on ...

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20 years of Digital Marketing

I think it was 2002 when my colleague Alessandro and I were discussing what the name of our function should be. We mainly dealt with the collection of personal data from the internet, web design and sending newsletters. Among the various options, the one that seemed most in line with our work, but at the same time sufficiently authoritative was the Digital Marketing combination. Very well you will say. Too bad that as you can see from the graph above and taken from Google ...

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Corporate intranets

CORPORATE INTRANET: how do we manage them? With the introduction of an Intranet, the nature of the organization changes from hierarchical to functional. In this type of organization the fundamental assets are the sharing of knowledge and the ability to innovate. Three types of intranet Institutional Intranet, Operative Intranet and Knowledge Management Institutional Intranet: they are essentially aimed at the activities ...

CEOs are often curious about digital marketing and they seem to be fascinated by SEO


Introduction to SEO for CEOs What CEOs need to know about SEO Search Engine Optimization is: SEO brings qualified traffic to the site at a lower cost than advertising and more lasting than performance marketing Content that the company must commit to to create editorial content. It is not only a technical question but also involves the communication offices of the companies * In particular, I think the last point is worthy of reflection: in more than ...

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80% of internet researches are done on Google

SEO optimization for laymen

SEO Search Engine Optimization - for non-SEO people and for business managers. This article is a short guide for company managers on what to expect and how to manage an SEO project in the company. Questions this article answers: Why is it important? How to know if my product or brand is in the top places on Google? How to do an SEO check up on your site? What results should be expected? In house SEO or outsourcing? SEO What skills to keep ...

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Twitter: 3 reasons why it's important for work and how to use it (read in 5 minutes)

Some people asked me recently why do I use more Twitter than Facebook or Instagram. Well… the answer is: Twitter works much better for my type of Job. I am a Digital and E-commerce professional in the Fashion Industry. 3 reasons why First. You get immediately the updates on your smart phone. This means that you can receive the news from your competitors or suppliers or clients immediately on your phone as soon as they publish them on Twitter. Second. The…

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