Best practice: manage the "learnings" for continuous improvement

Plan Do Learn L'importanza del learning

Another thing I have learned while working in multinational companies is the management of "learnings" or the formalization in written and structured documents of the lessons learned from the management of a project.

Please note that a project in this case does not mean a project in the terms of SMEs, but it also means a recurring business process at the end of which it is possible and useful to analyze 'how it went' to understand what went well, what went wrong, and what to change in the next iteration of that process.

Let's take some examples: managing the launch of a new product, managing a sales campaign, managing end-of-season sales, managing a commercial promotion for black Friday. All these events or projects must be planned, the respective plans must be implemented and after execution we will have results that must be measured. The results may or may not be satisfactory, if the results are satisfactory in the “learnings” session we will be able to examine the things that have worked well and if necessary, formalize and consolidate them as "best practice”Companies that will become part of the

or which can also be called "lessons learned" and which in agile terms, as usual, are crippled with a different term - retrospective,

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