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How to find work in London

In 2006, after 5 years of working in Italy, I decided it was time for a completely different experience. So it was that at the dawn of 30 I found myself leaving for London. I was lucky, in a certain sense, because I was able to find work from Italy, so when I arrived in London I already had a job, moreover I was not alone in this adventure, but there was with me the girl who would later become mine wife, plus there was a former college friend of mine ...

How to find work in London

Open, by Andre Agassi

I read this book because I am an admirer of the tennis player that Andre Agassi was. But I understood why I admired him and I admire him only after reading this book. It is a book, in my opinion, suitable for all tennis fans and all those who in life have to fight to get what they are looking for. The autobiographical book of Andre Agassi You can buy it on amazon in paperback version by following this link Andre Agassi, Open - my story