Fitness for managers

"Mens sana in corpore sano" is a Latin phrase that means "a healthy mind in a healthy body". As a knowledge worker I spend most of my day in front of a computer. This can be killing for your back and doing some sport or exercise is the only solution to avoid back problems.

How to start running

Have you always wanted to take up running? Perhaps you tried but you felt badly and abandoned the project? I was in the same situation too few year ago, I started running but all I got was sore knees and frustration. Then I finally improved and now I am able to run about 8KM in 40 minutes with hardly any training. First of all, what (medical) experts suggest is to start walking for 45 minutes and see if you can make…

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Dramatically improve your forehand with the correct weight placement

I am constantly trying to improve my tennis technique. Recently I made this discovery: you can actually hit a killer forehand standing on one foot. Guess which one it is? See picture below for the correct answer So the next time you train or practice with your mate, try to balance the weight on the right foot before hitting the forehand. In order to do that you will need to preprare the position correctly with an approaching step, then you can…

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Learn the serve in Top Spin with these 3 videos

Step 1 - Practice these two simple exercises to get the right topspin feel. [youtube] Step 2 - Follow the progression as shown in this video to develop the correct technique [youtube com / watch? v = nNvD7-KbcEA & w = 420 & h = 315] Step 3 - Learn to add power by bending your legs more and throwing the ball further into the court. A quick tennis serve is also the result of a softer arm. [youtube]

The use of the left hand and left arm in the forehand

Too often I see tennis players playing with their left arm practically dangling at their side. Maybe they think professionals use it for beauty or maybe they never thought about it. Well, know that using your left arm to hit straight is also essential. Obviously you don't have to take the racket with both hands, but the left arm should be used exactly as in the smash and serve. That is, he must aim the ball!  

3 mental aspects of tennis: intuition, anticipation, observation

Getting started right is half the battle. And those who get off to a good start in tennis are halfway to a good shot. The first mental aspect is the ability to guess where your opponent is about to shoot. The intuition obviously does not come from the ability to predict the future but from the careful observation of the opponent's movements. Both in the serve and in the response from the baseline where the movements are wider, it is necessary to carefully observe the preparation of the shot by the opponent. The other element ...

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5 mental steps to hit right straight

As an apprentice tennis player I am always looking for those mental patterns that allow me to hit the ball well consistently. Here are the mental steps to follow step by step to bring the blows correctly, blow after blow: 1) Position of feet (left forward to hit straight for right-handed) and arms (left forearm at the point of impact with the ball and right open behind); 2) Inhale, it is better to inhale before hitting the ball and ...

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Tennis: the step by step service

The serve is the hardest shot in tennis, but it is of paramount importance in modern tennis. The service is an all mental blow, so I explain below what are the practical and consequential mental steps to perform the service. From the moment it touches to serve: 1) Take position for the first serve, make yourself comfortable, 2) Think about where you want to aim, 3) Dribble with the hand that holds the ball making it bounce 20 cm inside the line of ...

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Open, by Andre Agassi

I read this book because I am an admirer of the tennis player that Andre Agassi was. But I understood why I admired him and I admire him only after reading this book. It is a book, in my opinion, suitable for all tennis fans and all those who in life have to fight to get what they are looking for. The autobiographical book of Andre Agassi You can buy it on amazon in paperback version by following this link Andre Agassi, Open - my story

5 competition tactics for tennis matches

In the game the pressure increases, so having a match tactic and knowing how to behave (which shot to hit, where to shoot, etc.) in any situation can ensure a considerable advantage over the opponent, especially if he does not have a match tactic. This video explains 5 different situations for which there are very specific behaviors to keep during the game. The 5 match situations 1) You are on the serve 2) Respond to the serve 3) Both bottom players ...

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The serve in tennis

The serve is the most difficult shot in tennis but it is also essential to play a game. The serve must put the opponent in difficulty and must guarantee an advantageous starting point. If you miss the serve or if the serve is weak you give a considerable advantage to the opponent. Learning to serve requires a lot of practice. In this video, some very useful concepts and exercises for learning service are explained. Part 11) Throwing the ball: arm straight ...

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